Get Started Making Money on Your Homestead Now!

Get Started Making Money on Your Homestead Now!

Money makes the world go ’round right?  Well, it does, more for some than others.  As a homesteader the less you spend the better.  In general.  I watched far far too many horrible videos in order to find you a few that might just…

Building in a Bag

Building in a Bag

This is amazing. Ever heard of a concrete tent? Apparently, you pretty much just add water. Thanks to National Geographic, here’s the video:…

10 Amazon Free eBooks (or close to it)
Off Grid

10 Amazon Free eBooks (or close to it)

As you know, we search Amazon periodically to find free material that relate to homesteading and off-grid topics. Sometimes $0.99 reference materials if that’s all that’s newer. We haven’t done this in a while because it didn’t seem that anything new was available. Now…

Would You Make a Good Homesteader?

Would You Make a Good Homesteader? Quiz

Thinking about becoming a homesteader?  Take our quiz to find out the basics of whether you would make a good one or not.  By no means do we claim this to be scientific but it will give you a general idea of whether you…

Food Prepping Survival

Sustainability – How Long Can You Feed Your Household?

Household food sustainability. It’s pretty much everyone’s daily goal. From ‘what’s for dinner?’ to ‘uh oh, there’s a storm coming!’, it all leads back to maintaining or sustaining you and your family. Expanding beyond today’s dinner and focusing on emergency food storage is something…

Amazon Gift Card

We Are Giving Away a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

[sc name=”Adsense” ] Interested in winning a $100 Amazon Gift Card for a couple clicks?  Read on my friend… Follow these simple rules: Like us on Facebook. Share our Facebook page. Comment Done! on this post or on this post on our Facebook page.…


Make Your Own – Hot Cocoa Recipe

Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, for some of us. Whether you call it hot cocoa or hot chocolate, it all goes down smooth! Hot Cocoa Mix 2 c dry milk powder 1 c cocoa powder, unsweetened 1 c powdered sugar 1 c chocolate chips 1/4…


Homemade Sriracha Salt Recipe

Looking for a super easy gift for the salt lover in your life? Sriracha salt can be used with steaks, eggs, popcorn, any kind of potato, salad, tacos, to rim a margarita glass for some extra kick or whatever else sounds good. Sriracha Salt…


Beautiful Layered Chicken Soup Recipe for Pressure Canning

If you’re looking for a little something when you get the winter bug in January that’s quick, soothing and warms you to your bones, look no further than good ol’ chicken soup. You won’t feel like making homemade soup when you’re actually sick, so…

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