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Sustainable Living: How to Build a Better Life Starting Today

Sustainable Living is not easy.  I promise you that.  But. Have you noticed that we are living in a world filled with collective insanity?  Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different… Continue Reading →

How They Built a Log Cabin in the Woods (In One Month)

I cannot impress upon you how I wish I could go back in time and grasp hold of what is important in life.  I am 44 years old this month.  I do not have the energy (though I do have… Continue Reading →

Here Are the Answers to the Homesteading Questions Burning a Hole in Your Brain

We get a lot of questions via email and are happy to answer each and every one of them. Sometimes it takes some research. Also sometimes it is quite a bit of repeating ourselves. We won’t complain about that either…. Continue Reading →

How Pine Trees Can Save Your Life! (and More)

Every now and then I come across something that I should have known, or reasoned out, but it just didn’t click together. A pine tree can save your life.  If you know what you are doing. So let me teach… Continue Reading →

Who Wants to Be on Discovery Channel’s Homestead Rescue? We’ve Got Your Hookup!!

I’m awfully flattered that the people who make Homestead Rescue contacted us yesterday and asked us to spread the word.  They are accepting applications for homesteaders that want to be on Season 2 of Homestead Rescue. *Sidenote: Please like and… Continue Reading →

Homesteading Stories: Her Husband Misses the City (She Doesn’t)

  Our ‘Homesteading Stories’ is going to be a regular series here on Homesteading & Off-Grid starting with this one. Why? Well, because we want to know your Homesteading Story. Not because we are nosy but because we can all help… Continue Reading →

101 Ways to Save Money for Your Homestead Dream

For years now I’ve been dreaming about going completely off the grid with my homestead. Lately I’ve been more driven to get this dream accomplished but the number one problem has been not enough money to take my vision to… Continue Reading →

Our Earth is Dying, What Can I Do to Help?

When I read an article on a website or in a magazine that says our earth is dying I’m conflicted. The amount of information floating around out there in cyberspace is overwhelming sometimes. You don’t know what to believe or not… Continue Reading →

Fried Green Beans w/ Wasabi Ranch Dip – Video

I have to admit that we weren’t sure if this recipe was going to turn out well.  As with a great many recipes we love the idea of it but the finished product doesn’t always work out. In this case… Continue Reading →

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