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5 Pumpkin Recipes You Must Make This Weekend!

If you clicked here then I know how happy you are that we’re almost into the best season of the year. Fall? No. Thanksgiving? Nein. Christmas? Pumpkin season!! This is for the true pumpkin aficionado…not the personality that finds “pumpkin… Continue Reading →

Modern Homesteading: Feeding Your Rabbits and Chickens

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of research on raising rabbits.  Modern homesteading has many differences from way back when homesteading wasn’t a way of life but rather, life. While doing that research I came across quite a bit of… Continue Reading →

How to Keep Your Pets Safe When Disaster Strikes

Lydia Noyes is an Appalachian homesteader and freelance writer living on a 450 acre land trust deep in the mountains of West Virginia. You can read about her homesteading escapades on her personal blog at  Visit her blog.  You will… Continue Reading →

5 Vital Tools You Absolutely Need on Your Homestead

If you’ve never watched one of Pastor Joe Fox’s videos on his YouTube channel, VikingPreparedness, then you are really missing out. Not only does he provide fantastic information and advice but he does it in a way that is clear,… Continue Reading →

Who Wants a Whimsical Dan Pauly Shed?

If you’ve never heard of Dan Pauly then you’re likely not from Minnesota. But thanks to the interwebs you can find his work from anywhere. To purchase it’s likely not for the budget-conscious homesteaders like me, though it reminds me… Continue Reading →

There’s Still Time! What To Plant in September

We may be on the precipice of fall, but there are still plenty of days left before it snows in many parts of the world for some faster growing vegetables! I know you were just wondering what to plant in September, weren’t… Continue Reading →

21 Tiny Houses That Will Blow Your Mind for Good

I don’t know if you like tiny houses as much as I do.  Though if you are reading this then the chances are pretty good that you do.  After all, would you be here to look at these tiny houses… Continue Reading →

#1’s for the Time Conscious (or Tired) Homesteader

There is definitely a time and place for long lists, a thousand videos, or a million choices, but sometimes you just want “the one”.

Sustainable Living: How to Build a Better Life Starting Today

Sustainable Living is not easy.  I promise you that.  But. Have you noticed that we are living in a world filled with collective insanity?  Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different… Continue Reading →

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